Tradition Change Geekery

by Seth Phillips

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released July 1, 2014




Seth Phillips Longmont, Colorado

From the nexus of tradition, change, and geekery comes Longmont songwriter Seth Phillips. His original songs range in subject from "raving evil genius" to "madman wandering in the desert" to "unrequieted nerd love" to "hitchhiker searching for home." And the good ones just might touch something deep inside the most cynical heart. Come find out for yourself. Even if you don't have a cynical heart. ... more

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Track Name: Savage Man
I am from the savage land
Where people are born and grow old and die
And I would rather be a savage man
Than be civilized

Everyone belonging to each other
Nothing is wrong but nothing feels right
How can you look in the mirror every morning
After you drug yourself to sleep every night?

I don't belong here
In this brave new world
Where no one cares to learn what love is
And no one questions the meaning of life
I am all alone among the millions
Nobody can hear my cries
What a world we've created
What a hollow paradise

These drugs are not addicting
But people keep coming back anyway
No one wants to look outside the mainstream
So easy to believe what the little whispers say

How do you tell the world that it's been brainwashed?
How do I make them see that they are blind?
How do I reach out my hand to help them up
When I get slapped in the face every time I try?
Track Name: Down For a While
She don't fit in your box
Ain't what you'd expect
She got her own thing going on
She got her own perspective
You're gonna be disappointed
If you try and put her love on trial.

Well she bought a Honda Rebel
With a leather vest to match
Headed off on a country road
And might not ever come back
You wish that she would settle
But man that ain't her style.

If you want her to be something that she's not
You're gonna be let down for a while

Well he's a workaholic party man
without too much time for you
Stays out all night drinking,
wanders in at half past two
But you just turn to putty
each time he flashes that boyish smile.

Well he's always liked his drinking
He's always liked to flirt
They say that if you lay down with a dog
when you get up you got dirt
I don't think he's gonna change that much
Just cause you both walk down that aisle.

If you want him to be something that he's not
You're gonna be let down for a while.

You can't fix it
They'll just hurt you
You want to make it better
But you're not supposed to.

Now you're a long haul trucker
and life is like the road
you keep seeing all these places
that you were never meant to go
So instead you keep on driving
mile after mile.

You keep thinking it'd be better
if the world would only change
But if you stopped and looked inside yourself
it might seem kinda strange
you'd realize that this isolation
ain't nothing but a self-imposed exhile.

If you want it to be something that it's not,
You're gonna be let down for a while

If you think you can change anything besides yourself
You're gonna be let down for a while
Track Name: Half Life (feat. Megan Nishihara)
Carbon has a half-life of six thousand years
Most say that love lasts fifteen
And after that one of us won't still be here
I don't think that's what physics means.
The rule says that all things decay.
But I don't think that love works that way.

I'd give you half my life just to get started
And all that I am, even though it ain't much
No diamonds or fur coats or cars I can give you
Or a house in the foothills, or money and such
In time all those things will be gone
But time will not.
So I'll give you half my life
Cause that's all I got.

Anything and everything breaks down
Molecules, funk bands, communication
People, machinery, metaphors, peace talks,
Radio waves, and radio stations.
Common sense says all things must die
But sometimes you might be surprised

Sooner or later all that is, was.
The sun and the stars will burn out
Just like everything does
I hope there's still something that science don't know
The entire universe contracts
And our love just grows.

Mountains grind down to the sea
Ah but not you and me.
Track Name: Tried
I wish I could find the words
But words never came easily
I just cannot talk when there's nothing to say.
And I thought for a time
That it might not matter
That words might not get
In the way

But now the road calls my name
And I hope you won't think ill of me
For all the invisible tears that I cried
The good and the bad
And all the great times that we had
What would have happened if we hadn't tried?

The details are fuzzy
But details always are
And that's one more detail we don't share.
I dream of what was
And all that we might have done differently
I hope you know that I'll always care

All this time I tried to be
What I thought you wanted from me
I thought perhaps in time we'd change
Never dreamed I'd cause all this pain
Thought for sure that we'd be strong
And that we'd always carry on
But sometimes the thing you've got to know
Is when it's time to let go
Track Name: SQL

When you walked in, I knew at once you were from another world
I could tell that you were not a high tech kind of girl
Pretty little thing walked up to me and said "Can you fix my Dell?"
God I wish your heart was SQL

Well you had a nice new laptop, and it could run Facebook real fast
And it ran it even faster after I killed those spyware apps
Man that thing would cruise if you'd just run it on a Linux shell
God, I wish your heart was SQL

So sha la laaaaa
Na na naaaaaa
De doo doo doo
De dah dah dah
It might as well be gibberish for all that I can tell
God I wish your heart was SQL

We're installed on different platforms - I'm Unix and you're a Mac
I've been sending all these packets out but not getting any back
I thought debugging C was bad, but this is total hell
God I wish your heart was SQL

I wanted to write up a codec
Gonna interface me with you
But the odds of success are somewhat questionable
I wanted to tell you just how I feel
But I’m not so good with words
So this part goes in hexadecimal...

69 6c 75 76 75

So I wish we had a future or even just a right now
Maybe we could work this out, but I just can’t see how
The only thing you know about FTP is how it's spelled
God, I wish your heart was SQL
Track Name: Strictly Speaking
There was a morning in December
Back before it all began
That was when we found your letter
And I guess you had a plan
Strictly speaking, well I get it
But I will never understand

Nobody said you were a coward
They just said that you escaped.
Nobody told us you were selfish
But we knew it all the same.
Strictly speaking I don't blame you
But fuck you all the same.

We didn't live
In a world that spoke so strictly
We couldn't forgive
Hard as we tried.

It's been a long time since Nebraska
Even longer you've been gone
And as autumn fades to winter
It's past time I was moving on
Strictly speaking you're a failure
But your weakness made me strong

I know you didn't live
In a world that spoke that strictly
I want to forgive
And someday I might

I'm a different me
Fifteen years removed
And in the same situations
I have sometimes wondered what I'd do
Put it down on paper
Black and white makes grey.
You were wrong but strictly speaking
I can understand the choice you made.

If we're ever reunited
I think you'd like who I've become
But if I ever have succeeded
It's not for anything you've done
Strictly speaking I'm victorious
I have fought your war and won.
...I wish you could have been here with me

But nobody lives
In a world that speaks that strictly
We only forgive
One step at a time.
Track Name: The Phantom of Nottingham
Strange to think that it won't be
My nemesis who conquers me
How could I have failed to see
I'd be undone by your beauty
But now the door is locked
I will not be mocked

How is it that I believed
Anything you said to me
I turn my back and one-two-three
You've gone and set my captive free
You said you've be my wife
But now you've got my knife

Be careful with that thing
That is now a toy its blade is sharp
And if you do not watch yourself
You just might poke out someone's heart
I was going to set him free
All you had to do was love me.

So here we are. You and me
Standoff of the century
Kill you both, or let you leave
Either one is agony.
Daggers in our hands.
We circle like a dance.

And in your eyes I see that fire
The fire I tried to hard to tame
But I see now if I took away that passion
You'd never be the same.

Be careful with that thing
That is now a toy its blade is sharp
And if you do not watch yourself
You just might poke out someone's heart
Now you strike and I evade
Silver steel its point so fine
And though you've cut me to the core
The blade that finds a heart is mine
I was going to set him free
All you had to do was love me.
Track Name: When The Time Comes
There's probably no such thing as Bigfoot
But it's hard to prove
If he shows up at your cabin late one night
A shotgun's what you might want to use.
Blow off his hairy mug
With a pump action, solid slug.
It's two hundred bucks at Wal-Mart
And sounds like this.

When the time comes,
You're gonna want that gun.
When the time comes,
You're gonna want that gun.

There's probably no zombie apocalypse
but you never know.
So a semiautomatic rifle
Is a good way to go
Aim for the head
And fill the bastards full of lead
It's four hundred bucks at Wal-Mart
And sounds like this

There's probably no Illuminati
But you can't be sure.
So a snub-nosed, five-shot revolver
Fits right in your purse
It's small without too much kick
.38 special gonna do the trick
It's six hundred bucks on eBay
And sounds like this.
Track Name: Thirty Thousand Feet
I have barely left the ground
The Atlantic falls away
The leaves begin to change
And I am homeward bound
In the grand design
I was always your test case
You fooled me with a head fake
And now there's no more time.

California's bittersweet
At least it will be from now on
For soon you will be gone.
And all that's left is me
Seats upright and tables locked
As we rise about the clouds
I wish you hadn't been so proud
Running down the clock.

And maybe I will see
When we hit thirty thousand feet
When the world like a rug unfolds
And all the stories we've been told
Will fit together piece by piece.

It does no good to pretend
That things will always be this way
Nothing gold can stay
And all that's good must end.
In the grand design
We all have our chance to live
But in the end we give
Ourselves to the grand design.

And maybe you will know
Soaring into the great unknown
Everything in its right time
And all the tales you told this child
Will stay behind you when you go
Track Name: Verge of Tears
Go on go
I can't make it any further.
Though the foe
Is coming close behind.
Just give me a gun and three grenades
And hit the road, I'll cover your escape.
This is my last chance to make them pay.

And now we're on the verge of tears
But you have got to leave me here
I'll wait until you all get clear...

It's been real
But now I hear the footsteps
For all we feel
There's no time for goodbyes.
Don't be stupid, go right now
I'll hold them off, I think we both know how.
Just promise me that you'll get out.

And now we're on the verge of tears
But you have got to leave me here
I'll wait until you all get clear
Before I blow the tunnel
And hopefully you'll get away
And live to fight another day
I'm sad it had to end this way
But that's just how it goes

We can't all be
The hero of the story
Most of us won't live to see
The credits roll.
So I smile through the pain
My sacrifice will not be in vain
That's what you tell me but I already know
So damn it, go.

Oh so slow,
I see the shadows rising
This is it
Come on, you bastards, come.
Track Name: Just Say It
If you don't like Reggae
Just say it.
If you don't like Metal
Then just let me know
If you're not into Folk Rock
You better tell me
But this passive-aggressive crap
Has got to go.

When I kiss you
I taste something on the tip of your tongue
When you speak
I hear a song that's waiting to be sung.

Never having fights
Is not he same as being happy.
And always giving in
Is not the same as being kind
If you disagree,
I need you to tell me
'Cuz I'm tired of trying to read
Your mind.

When I see you
I see something hiding behind those eyes
And when I touch you
What you don't say feels like a lie

But don't tell me that it's all good
When it is not all good.
And don't tell me what you think I want to hear
Just because you think you should.

A river feeds the earth as it winds down to the ocean
But first the drops of rain have to fall from the sky
I'm not a fool, I know this doesn't make you happy
And more's to the point, maybe neither do I

And when I ask you
You have got to tell me something's wrong
But if you don't really love me
Shut your mouth and play along
Track Name: For Love
I don't know if anyone
Will ever find this note
I write to leave a record
Of the one thing that I know
And though I am not sure
If anybody else survived
These words will live
Though I might die

The earth is poisoned now
Barren as the wastes
Myself and my companions
We made it down into these caves
Now all my friends are gone
And I am fading fast
This testament
Will be my last.

I leave this message for posterity
Whoever finds it here, this letter is for you
This final message is my legacy:
Father, forgive me. I know not what I do
I destroyed the world for love of You.

I won a holy war
But forfeited my soul
I went off to the crusades
And lost sight of my goals
It was always said
That I'm the best at what I do
And I thought that I
was serving You.

Buildings vaporized
No traces to be found
Humans and humanity
Lay dead upon the ground
All my life's been black and white
With nothing in between
I only wish
My hands were clean

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